Director of Research

Tim OsbornProfessor Tim Osborn

Professor of Climate Science and Research Director of the Climatic Research Unit

climate observations, climate modelling, climate variability, precipitation extremes and drought, palaeoclimate, future climate scenarios

Academic Staff

Manoj JoshiProfessor Manoj Joshi

Professor of Climate Dynamics

Climate forcing and response, stratosphere and climate, planetary climates.


Professor David Thompson

Professor of Climate Change Science

My research foci lie in the area of large-scale climate variability, with an emphasis on using observations to identify novel aspects of the climate system, and then using models to test hypotheses motivated by observations.


Ben WebberDr Ben Webber

Lecturer in Climate Science

Climate Dynamics, Climate Variability, Climate Change, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction, Ocean-Ice interaction, Autonomous Ocean Observations.


Research staff

Dr Amee Gollop

Impacts of Pacific Ocean warming trends

Harry HarrisMr Ian (Harry) Harris

Development and maintenance of observational gridded climate datasets, data processing and analysis, programming.


Natasha SeniorDr Natasha Senior

Response of tropical convection in atmospheric circulation using statistical methods

Michael TaylorDr Michael Taylor

Earth observation metrology, remote sensing, climate data



Ms Sarah Wilson Kemsley

Clouds, Machine learning, Climate feedbacks, Atmospheric science, Climate uncertainty


Dr Matthew Jones

Climate change impacts on wildfire, wildfire emissions, climate-carbon cycle feedbacks

Support Staff

Mike SalmonMr Mike Salmon

ISD Research Computing Services

Postgraduate students

Ms Sarah Berk

How will the Urban Heat Island in Growing Cities Behave under Climate Change?

Ms Nicole Forstenhaeusler

Global hydrological modelling of future flooding risk

Kyriaki Lekakou

Ocean drivers of Antarctic ice shelf melt and sea level rise

Siyu Meng

Assessing the impact of phytoplankton on sea surface temperature: processes and feedbacks driven by climate variability and change

Aparna Reghunathan

Understanding and reducing biases in coupled climate models in the Indian Ocean region

Ms Nele Reyniers

Hydrological modelling for studying past, present and future droughts in the east of England

Ms Stephanie Rhodes

Solar variability

Ms Emily Wallis

Early instrumental observations of temperature change

Sophie Wilkinson

Environmental data science, a machine learning approach to study the influence of climate change on extreme weather.

Xiang Weng

Assessing the effect of changes in weather extremes and driving forces on tropospheric ozone in China.

Qianyu Zha

Assessing flooding risks in the UK under climate change using hydrological models

Visiting Professors

Professor David Viner

Director, Green Investment Bank

Professor Richard Seager

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Visiting fellows

Nick BrooksDr Nick Brooks

Adaptation to past climate change and to future climate change


Manola BrunetProfessor Manola Brunet

Climatic data archaeology and analysis of climate variability and change


John KingtonMr John Kington

Climatic change and historical climatology: member of the EURO-CLIMHIST team reconstructing past circulation patterns; author "Climate and Weather"

David ListerMr David Lister

Meteorological time-series throughout the instrumental period. Climatic variability and its effects


Tom Melvin

Dr Tom Melvin

Historical growth rates and changing climate sensitivity of boreal conifers


Dr Peer Nowack

Machine learning, climate sensitivity, atmospheric chemistry, Earth system modelling, regional climate change.

Clive Wilkinson

Dr Clive Wilkinson

RECLAIM project (RECovery of Logbooks And International Marine Data)

Associate fellows

Dr Mansour Almazroui

Identifying climatic patterns of Saudi Arabia using large scale circulation data and the influence of teleconnection indices on the local climate

Jonathan BarichivichDr Jonathan Barichivich

Vegetation-climate interactions, drought and ecosystem responses


Pranab DebDr Pranab Deb

Climate dynamics, quantifiaction of biases in climate models, regional atmospheric modelling, polar meteorology, sea ice

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Nicolas de SilvaDr Nicolas de Silva

Precipitation extremes, forecasting, aerosol indirect effects, convective self-aggregation


Dr Clare GoodessClare Goodess

Regional climate change and projections/scenarios, extreme events, climate services


Dr Colin HarphamColin Harpham

Downscaling precipitation using statistical models and artificial neural networks, stochastic weather generators


Kathleen PribylDr Kathleen Pribyl

Historical climatology, vulnerability of pre-industrial societies to environmental risk, early instrumental data


Satyaban RatnaDr Satyaban Ratna

Climate variability, Indian summer monsoon, Dynamical downscaling, Extreme events


Umakanth UpparaDr Umakanth Uppara

Monsoon dynamics and teleconnections under changing climate, global and regional climate modelling.


Fiona WilliamsonDr Fiona Williamson

Extremes, History, Instrumental, SE Asia, Urban heat island


Sally Wilkinson

RECLAIM project (RECovery of Logbooks And International Marine Data)

Previous directors

Trevor DaviesProfessor Trevor Davies

CRU Director 1993-1998


Professor Phil Jones (also a CRU Emeritus Professor)Phil Jones

CRU Director 1998-2016

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Hubert LambProfessor Hubert Lamb (1913-1997)

CRU Director 1971-1977


Jean PalutikofProfessor Jean Palutikof (also a CRU Visiting Fellow)

CRU Director 1998-2004. Currently Director of NCCARF, Griffith University.


Tom WigleyProfessor Tom Wigley (also a CRU Visiting Fellow and Honorary Professor in ENV)

CRU Director 1978-1993. Currently affiliated with University of Adelaide and National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.