Identification of Medication Adherence Barriers Questionnaire

A questionnaire designed to identify the barriers that patients have when adhering to medication. For many reasons, patients don’t always adhere to their prescribed medicine. By correctly identifying these barriers, they can be overcome leading to an increase in patient health.


  • helps to identify any barriers the patient may be experiencing
  • could help improve patient health
  • potentially decrease medication wastage.

It is estimated that between 30 and 50% of patients prescribed medication for long term conditions do not take them as prescribed. Barriers include practical difficulties (such as getting to the pharmacy or being unable to swallow medication) and/or perceptual barriers (such as lack of motivation or negative emotions). The result is poorer patient health, increased medication wastage, and investigations and prescribing that may otherwise have been avoided.

To provide the best support to help patients take their medication, their personal barrier(s) must firstly be identified. Research shows that identifying the underlying barriers is challenging for patients and practitioners. The goal of this project is to use a questionnaire developed by this research team to identify an individual’s barriers to medication adherence.


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