ClimGen is a software tool which generates future projections of climate conditions across the globe. Through its geographical resolution, ease of operation and speed of execution, it is particularly geared to enable easy application for climate impact investigations and to explore the uncertainty in future projections.


  • simplicity of use
  • simplicity of output data
  • flexibility for tailoring projections.

ClimGen is based on the so-called "pattern-scaling" approach to generating spatial climate change information for a given global-mean temperature change. The pattern-scaling approach relies on the assumption that the pattern of climate change (encompassing the geographical, seasonal and multi-variable structure) simulated by coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models (AOGCMs) is relatively constant (for a given AOGCM) under a range of rates and amounts of global warming, provided that the changes are expressed as change per unit Kelvin of global-mean temperature change. These normalised patterns of climate change do, however, show considerable variation between different AOGCMs, and it is this variation that ClimGen is principally designed to explore. 



Climatic Change, 2016, 134(3), 353–369. doi:10.1007/s10584-015-1509-9


Principal Investigator

Team led by Professor Timothy Osborne


Further Details

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