UEA welcomes and encourages work experience placements.

Work experience gives people an opportunity to gain practical experience and develop key skills required in the workplace.

Update January 2023 – Unfortunately the University is unable to accept work experience applications at this time. We will update this message once we are in a position to offer placements again.  

Work experience is a placement on university premises in which an individual carries out a particular task, duty or range of activities with a greater emphasis being placed on the learning aspects of the experience. Activities should be 'hands-on' where possible, and as such are distinct from job-shadowing which is primarily an observational activity.

  • A vibrant inclusive environment;
  • Excellent campus facilities including a number of café’s, supermarket and Boots the Chemist;
  • Over 300 acres of stunning green parkland, home to a number of protected species and five acres recognised as Country Wildlife Sites;
  • Gain new skills, experiences, competencies to be added to a CV which are sought after by employers;
  • Gain valuable insight in a specific field to help inform a decision on a future career;
  • Opportunity to build contacts within a specific field and gain references to use for future employment.
The type of work will vary depending on the School/Division but will involve hands on experience assisting in day-to-day tasks where possible, as well as job shadowing.

UEA welcomes contact from any individual looking for a work experience placement, no matter what stage of their career they are in. Typically, placements are undertaken by individuals who lack practical experience within the world of work or specific industry, and tend to be carried out by school children in Years 10 and 11 who undertake a period of work experience as part of their studies and to prepare themselves for the work of work when they leave formal Education.

At the UEA work experience arrangements are administered by the School/Division. Details on the Schools across campus can be found at Faculties and Schools at UEA. If you are unsure where to send your request, please email Ellie Ryell at E.Ryell@uea.ac.uk with the documents below and she will forward this to the appropriate contact.

Along with an email asking for consideration of a work experience placement please attach:

Where work experience can be accommodated, individuals will be asked to attend a pre-placement meeting with the manager. Arrangements will be agreed between the School/Division and school/college/Higher Educational Institution (except in the case of home-schooled children).

The exact length will vary depending on the manager and the type of work undertaken. Typical placements last up to 2 weeks.

Work experience placements are unpaid roles, as they span over a short period of time and are classed as volunteer work.

Students must not be paid during their work experience placement as it is an educational experience and may invalidate insurance arrangements.

Individuals should not work more than 8 hours a day, exact hours worked will be agreed in advance with the manager, and should not work more than five days in any consecutive seven day period. The normal University working hours for the majority of placements will be 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, although these may vary slightly. Weekend working is permitted only with the student and parent or carer’s agreement and should not include both a Saturday and Sunday in the same week.

A DBS check will need to take place for individuals aged over 16 if the work being undertaken requires it (for example in health care or early years sector) and the placement is for longer than 10 days. There is no legal entitlement for a student under 16 to undergo a DBS check.

Should you have any queries on the Work Experience process at UEA please contact Ellie Ryell at E.Ryell@uea.ac.uk.