The UEA is a great place to complete an apprenticeship.

We offer a broad range of career opportunities across our campus, which means there is the potential for a wide array of apprenticeships. From electricians to administrators, IT professionals to chefs, lab technicians to nursery workers – the possibilities are far reaching.

So, whether you’re just starting your career or making a career change, a UEA apprenticeship could be an opportunity to kickstart your career. We offer excellent pay for apprentices as well as very competitive benefits. Each apprenticeship is assessed to determine pay, but all apprentices are paid substantially above the apprentice minimum wage.

“I’ve had such a positive experience since starting at the UEA. I have had so much support from my team to help me to succeed in my apprenticeship. Having the opportunity to learn from them has been even more beneficial than I thought it would.” (Georgia Barrera, administrator apprentice).

As an apprentice you will be employed by the UEA and work alongside more experienced colleagues. In addition, there will be a separate training provider who will deliver the formal training that will lead to a recognised qualification

An apprenticeship qualification can also be used at multiple times in a career and could help someone who started as an apprentice to progress their career further at a later stage. 

“I saw this apprenticeship as the best route into the IT profession… The university was the best place for me to pursue this as I would be putting into practice the very things I learn on the role. Gaining valuable skills from a reputable university was something I was very keen to do.”

“Being able to work on a campus like the UEA’s is something I appreciate given how fortunate I am to be on a campus with a lake, a sculpture park, a museum, along with great sporting facilities and a nature trail!” (Moinul Khan, research computing operations technician apprentice).