Here are just some of the reasons we think you'll find your perfect degree course with us.

Our flexible courses give you the opportunity to plan your own journey through the literature and drama you love, while also discovering so many kinds of writing – new and old – for the first time.

You’ll have the chance to study everything from Chaucer to contemporary fiction, to encounter epic poems and graphic novels, and to try your hand at a diverse array of critical approaches, from formalism to feminism.

We help you to become the most confident writer and communicator you can be – that’s why our modules in the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing are 100% coursework.

We encourage you to break down boundaries between writing creatively and analysing texts. That’s why we’ve developed English literature modules which give you the chance (if you wish) to experiment with writing creatively in response to the texts you’ve been studying. There isn’t a better way to show off everything you’ve learnt about the short story (say) than to have a go at writing one yourself! As a Literature student, too, you can opt to try your hand at creative writing in your second year.

You'll immerse yourself in the readings, plays, festivals and gigs of Norwich, England's first UNESCO City of Literature.

You'll be taught by critics, writers, and drama practitioners who are leaders in their fields. Teaching is always at the heart of what we do – everybody teaches, and we are passionate about bringing our knowledge and experience into the classroom.

As a Literature student, you'll benefit from being part of an institution that has been at the cutting-edge of literary criticism for half a century. Whether you find yourself passionately devoted to close textual analysis, or turning the pages of centuries-old books, or breaking boundaries between analysing and imagining in one of our innovative creative-critical modules, you'll develop your own identity and voice as a writer about literature.

As a Drama student, you’ll get hands-on experience with every aspect of staging work within our Studio, from acting, directing and set-design, down to sewing costumes and managing budget. And aside from your work in your degree course, you might find yourself using the Studio’s facilities to support the latest Minotaur production, fine-tuning your Edinburgh Fringe show or just as a space to experiment with your creative process.

As a Creative Writing student, you'll be studying at the institution which pioneered the teaching of creative writing in the UK. Under the guidance of published writers, in our workshops you’ll hone your writing by listening to the constructive advice of your peers, and you’ll learn the art of giving constructive feedback on their writing, too. You'll also be studying literature alongside creative writing, giving you the chance to take inspiration from the best writing from across the centuries.

Our support for you doesn't end when the seminar ends. You'll have an academic adviser who oversees your progress through the whole degree and is there to support you when you need it.

You'll develop a huge range of skills in writing, critical thinking and team-work that you'll need to launch your career, and you'll also have the support of our careers service and dedicated Humanities internships. And don’t miss our annual Working with Words conference – a chance to hear talks from successful UEA alumni from across the creative industries, to pick up their tips, and also to make essential contacts that can help to get your career off to a flying start.