Partnership school colleagues are prepared for and supported throughout their involvement in the training of trainee teachers through a thorough programme of training and development

Support from UEA tutors is also on-going, focusing on supporting individual Professional Tutors and mentors through regular mentors and Professional tutors meetings, follow-up school-based meetings, telephone calls, email contact and joint observations of lessons taught by trainee teachers. Further guidance is provided in Professional Tutors and mentor handbooks.


Good group discussions, sharing of good practice! I leave with ideas of how to challenge my trainee's after these meetings and find them very useful. - UEA Mentor

Training sessions for new Professional Tutors and new mentors are held at the end of the year and at the beginning of each placement. These meetings are designed to induct new Professional Tutors and mentors into their role through introducing the roles and responsibilities of all involved in the training of our trainee teachers.  This includes an introduction to the relevant paperwork. The meetings mentioned above are intended to further extend knowledge and understanding of the role of Professional Tutors and mentors. 

Professional Tutor meetings focus on the development of knowledge and understanding related to Professional Tutor roles. In addition, they are the main forum for sharing information and discussion about course developments and partnership development. Meetings are led by UEA tutors and Professional Tutors, sharing good practice and exploring innovative developments and initiatives. 

The three annual mentor training meetings focus on generic and subject specific issues related to mentoring trainee teachers, in addition to the assessment of trainee teachers. The principal aim of these meetings is to develop a shared understanding of what trainee teachers have covered in the taught-based course and how this should be extended in their school based placements. Mentor meetings also provide a forum for mentors to share good practice and to focus on current subject-related initiatives, as part of on-going, continued professional development. 

These meetings are an opportunity to collaborate and share good practice, as well as getting support from University tutors if required.

Throughout the year, mentors’ training needs are collected and a series of additional training is offered. The purpose of this training is to develop mentoring within the partnership and grow high quality mentorship. For instance, this year, mentors participated in further professional development sessions focusing on supporting trainees in remote learning, effective feedback and target setting as well as preparing trainee teachers for their ECT years.

The PGCE team holds annually a Mentor and Professional Tutor Conference, inviting all new and experienced Professional Tutors and Mentors to a range of sessions and a choice of workshops. These have a focus on areas such as developing trainees’ understanding and implementation of differentiation, developing trainees’ behaviour management, practical ideas to support trainees’ progression, supporting trainees’ wellbeing, strategies to support trainees at different stages of their professional development, transition to ECT years, etc.

The programme is designed in response to the needs expressed by mentors and Professional Tutors. Keynote speakers include a variety of experienced practitioners from the partnership, the UEA and also external speakers with relevant expertise. The day also includes opportunities to discuss, engage in activities, collaborate and network. 

The aim of this document is to support Professional Tutors and mentors in preparing and supporting staff involved in training, and to ensure consistency of training throughout the partnership. It is given out to new mentors and Professional Tutors during their introductory meeting, and disseminated in training departments by the mentors and the trainees.