Before making your application to the UEA PGCE(M) on the GOV.UK website, please take the time to explore the information available via the links in the left-hand menu.

Use GOV.UK to apply for a postgraduate teacher training course to teach in a state primary or secondary school, or in further education. In case you have any questions about your application or our course, please contact our PGCE Admissions Team.

You might also find the following prompts useful for your personal statement: 

  • Show your understanding of the role of a teacher
  • Demonstrate your motivation for being a teacher, wanting to teach a particular age group and/or subject
  • Provide evidence of your relevant experience (it doesn’t have to be in school!), what you’ve gained from it and how it is going to support you in your teacher training year
  • Ensure that you can write clearly without grammatical or spelling errors
  • Show you understand the context of teaching today, the realities of teaching and the attributes you’ll need to develop and demonstrate
  • We want to find out about you… What are your strengths and interests? What could you bring to the profession?
  • Demonstrate personal maturity and professionalism