Monitoring, Review and Enhancement

The QAA Quality Code’s Expectations for Standards (2018) states that:

‘Monitoring and evaluation ensures that providers’ academic provision enables students to achieve the intended learning outcomes of courses. They evaluate student attainment of academic standards and allow providers to confirm that their portfolio aligns with their mission and strategic priorities.’


They also state that:

‘Monitoring and evaluation is an essential process within a provider’s internal quality assurance mechanisms, covering all provision that leads to their awards and assuring the standard of those qualifications. Relevant sector-recognised standards form a baseline for monitoring and evaluation systems.’


Each partner institution undertakes regular monitoring and review of both their institute as a whole but also of their individual course programmes and modules on an ongoing basis.  This process is utilised to help inform and identify examples of best practice and areas for enhancement related to the quality of the student experience; academic standards; and to meet the requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Office for Students (OfS), UEA and professional bodies.

These reports and related actions are reviewed at the monthly meetings with partners and are reported to the Joint Boards of Study twice each academic year.