Examination Arrangements

The involvement of UEA in the detail of examination arrangements will vary between partner institutions but the following procedures should be applied in order to ensure consistency with the policy:

  • assessment/examination regulations are approved by UEA;
  • memberships of Boards of Examiners are approved by UEA;
  • Boards of Examiners meetings are attended by the appropriate UEA Academic Link and Academic Partnerships representatives;
  • External Examiner appointments are approved by the UEA Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Partnerships and Apprenticeships;
  • dates of Boards of Examiners meetings must be agreed with Academic Partnerships;
  • the Secretary to Boards of Examiners meetings is a suitably trained member of partner institution administrative staff.



Academic Partnerships tracks External Examiners who store a comprehensive list of contact details, appointment and finish dates and the list of courses each External Examiner is responsible for.



At the end of each academic year, the External Examiner is required to make a report to the University via an External Examiner Report Form. The report seeks the External Examiner’s comments with regard to the standards of the academic provision, and the quality of the learning opportunities, amongst other aspects. This is then considered by Academic Partnerships and the partner institution before consideration and ‘sign-off’ by the Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Partnerships and Apprenticeships who reviews the course team’s response and action plan.  The External Examiner reports or summary of External Examiner reports are also considered by the Joint Board of Study.