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UEA has offered the Green Flat option for five years, following a student suggestion. This option allows students who share an interest in sustainable living and environmental or ethical issues to live together.

The Green Flats network helps students to share ideas and eco-living experiments, from shared low-carbon cooking to group exercise and book swaps. Students within the network can set up Green Flat interest groups, like vegan baking or upcycling, and join together to learn or develop skills and ideas. Several flats are also invited each year to take part in sustainability challenges, such as energy-saving or water efficiency.

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Availability Availability

Green flats are available in the following accommodation types:

  • En Suite Crome
  • En Suite Campus
  • En Suite Village
  • Standard Single Ziggurat
  • Standard Twin Ziggurat
  • Standard Campus 

How to apply How to apply

To apply for a green flat, please complete the Green Flat application form. You will need to select either the Green Flat (Undergraduate) or Green Flat (Postgraduate) depending on your level of study.

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