UKRI Stipend Rates and Fee Levels UKRI Stipend Rates and Fee Levels

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) typically increases its stipend and fee levels annually in line with inflation, based on the Treasury GDP deflator. The University of East Anglia always uses at least the minimum fee level recommended by UKRI when setting its Home tuition fees for postgraduate research. The UKRI minimum stipend level is frequently used as a guide by other studentship providers.

UKRI Studentship rates and minimum doctoral stipend

The National Minimum Doctoral Stipend for 2018/19 is £14,777; for 2019/20 it is £15,009.
UK Research and Innovation's Indicative Fee Level for 2018/19 is £4,260; for 2019/20 it is £4,327.

The minimum stipend will increase in line with the GDP deflator and this remains the start-point for determining minimum stipend levels. This gives the national minimum doctoral stipend for 2017/18 as £14,553 and for 2018/19 as £14,777.

The indicative fee level will increase in line with the GDP deflator and this gives £4,195 for 2017/18 and £4,260 for 2018/19. For planning purposes, research organisations should note that whilst the GDP deflator remains the basis for determining indicative fee levels, it will remain under review. (UKRI web site)

Year Stipend Fees
2019/20 £15,009 £4,327
2018/19 £14,777 £4,260
2017/18 £14,553 £4,195
2016/17 £14,296 £4,121
2015/16 £14,057 £4,052
2014/15 £13,863 £3,996
2013/14 £13,726 £3,900
2012/13 £13,590 £3,828
2011/12 £13,590 £3,732


What is UKRI? - About UK Research and Innovation

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has been created as a result of the 2017 Higher Education and Research Bill. UKRI brings together the seven Research Councils, Innovate UK and a new organisation, Research England. Research England is formed of the Research and Knowledge Exchange functions of the former HEFCE and its remit includes oversight of the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

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