The Student Life International Team are authorised to provide immigration advice to students at UEA.

Advice that you might receive from fellow students, academic staff and any other administrative staff may be incorrect.

The OISC is responsible for ensuring that all immigration advisers fulfil the requirements of good practice. The Student Life International Team abides by the OISC Code of Standards and Rules. The University is also a member of the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and operates in accordance with the UKCISA Code of Ethics for Advisers.

Sometimes we are unable to help with your enquiry as it is outside our area of expertise and training. If the immigration advice that you require is beyond our competence, we will refer you to information about how to find appropriate and qualified external legal professionals. Any consultation fees charged by external legal professionals would need to be met by you.

The Student Life International Team operates according to the University’s Data Protection Policy.

You have the right to confidentiality when you use our service. We define confidentiality as a “circle of confidentiality” within Student Services staff who may discuss your situation in an appropriate environment to help resolve your case as efficiently as possible, or refer you to other sections within the service for appropriate help. Any information we receive from or about you will not be disclosed to others outside Student Services without your explicit permission.

Should we need to contact the Home Office requesting information about you we will ask your written permission. If you are asking us to check about the processing of your application or any other issue directly at the Home Office we will assume that you have given us your permission to do so. Exceptions to confidentiality and Data Protection Policy:

  • Where we are required to discuss your situation with the Student Visa Compliance Team at UEA to help resolve your query

  • If you or others are in immediate danger

  • If the provision of such information is required by the law

  • If there is any risk to the Institution’s sponsor licence

Giving us feedback

We are always keen to improve our service so would appreciate any feedback you have about your experience of contacting us. We welcome feedback via email:

Complaints procedure

If you would like to raise a complaint to the university, you need to do this by raising a Non-academic Complaint. You can find the Non-academic Complaint Stage One’ form for this under ‘Appeals and Complaints’. You can find further information on the Non-academic Complaints Procedure page.