UEA defines commuters as those who travel to UEA from their home, which they lived in prior to entering study. A quarter of our whole student body commute to university for both academic and non-academic student life (based on registration data gathered by our university market insight team).

Some of our current commuting students share their insight and tips when travelling into university and to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable experiences. 

Find out some top tips for commuters from our current students in this video:

Our Transport department can provide some fantastic guidance on ways onto campus. However, to make your planning as seamless as possible, we have made a Personal Travel Planner available for you to explore. This free resource helps you map out your journey based on your personal information. Simply fill in the form to view a range of transport options, including our Lift Share scheme and local park and ride options. 

Get your free personal travel plan

We stock free commuter pin badges for students to wear on your lanyard (or wherever). These are posted to incoming UEA students alongside useful information at the start of the year. We hope these will help students to discover new travel buddies to help the commute go quicker! If you don’t receive a pin badge or lose yours, you can collect a pin badge travel planner from the Student Information Zone, located on the street next to the Post Room.

We run events for our current commuter students, including a monthly breakfast meet up. This provides opportunities to grab a free bite to eat and chat to other commuter students.

UEA’s Learning Enhancement team (LET) host a weekly event called Study Together on Thursdays. This is a brilliant, free drop in to help students with their study techniques and promote group learning regardless of study discipline. The aim is to help students find study groups that work alongside their lifestyles – for example, learning how to use UEA systems to create audio versions of your reading lists to make it easier to digest on your journey.

There is more dedicated information on My UEA, including commuter breakfast dates and more:

Find out more on My UEA

If you have questions or concerns about commuting into university, please contact commuters@uea.ac.uk.