17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Shohei Yamaguchi

Hi, I am Shohei Yamaguchi and I studied MA Applied Translation Studies from 2015-2016. I am now working at a Norwich-based company as an in-house translator. 

I decided to study translation at MA level when new translation standards were approved.  An MA degree in translation is recognised as a universal qualification for professional translators. The reason I chose to study in the UK was because I could complete an MA in a year and I didn’t want to go for longer without an income. The modules UEA provided were well-balanced between academia and practice, from translation theories and outlines of current translation industries to translation software, necessary for translators. However, practising your translation skills outside the classroom is indispensable and the work experience module gives you this opportunity. 

Norwich is the ideal location to travel to London to look for work.  It is just two hours by train. 

It is important to travel and spend time for leisure as long as you can, but how much you strive will change your life and results after a year. The more you become hungry and active, the bigger rewards you get at the end of your study. 

初めまして。2015~2016年、MA Applied Translation Studiesに在籍していた山口翔平と申します。現在はノリッチで、社内翻訳者として働いでいます。 





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