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Outreach Projects

The Faculty of Science offers numerous events throughout the year for science, mathematics and computing students along with their teachers.

If you are from a school or college and would like information on Outreach opportunities at the University of East Anglia, you can find out more about Outreach here.

We run activities for primary, secondary and further education students both on-campus and during visits to schools and colleges. Through our activities, we aim to stimulate interest in science, mathematics and computing - raising the aspirations of under-represented groups who would not otherwise consider entering higher education.

For further information please contact Science Outreach:

Phone: +44 (0)1603 592914

Nuffield Scholarship Scheme

The Nuffield Science Bursary Scheme is an initiative set up by the Nuffield Foundation. The scheme enables Year 12 students who have an interest in science to complete a 4-week placement in July and August.

Seven sixth form students from Norfolk and Suffolk successfully completed four-week Nuffield Scholarship placements with the UEA Faculty of Science in August 2010. The Nuffield scholars worked with scientists from the Schools of Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences and Chemistry.

Each Nuffield scholar was given their own research project to work on alongside UEA scientists. They also have an opportunity to learn about lab work and contribute to ongoing scientific research. A celebration event was held at the UEA on 26th August, where the Nuffield Scholars presented their research to an audience including teachers and scientists, before receiving certificates for successfully completing the programme.

Previous Nuffield Scholarship Projects

  • Cloning a gene from Salmonella
  • Mechanisms affecting fertility at extreme temperatures in insects
  • The development of carbon reduction pledges
  • A review of smart metering and survey options for energy
  • Small molecule screens in Xenopus tadpoles
  • The molecular mechanisms of skeletal muscle development
  • Expression and purification of coiled-coil peptides

Please contact Anita Cullen ( for further information about the scheme and to find out how to apply.


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