Utopia or dystopia? Expert talks to debate the Brexit outcome

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On 10th Mar 2021

After Brexit: Utopia or Dystopia branding

As the UK prepares to embrace a post-lockdown world, it is also still coming to terms with life outside of the EU. The UK confirmed its departure from its European neighbours over a year ago but what has the impact been and what comes next?

UEA is devoting a series of talks from expert academic and political speakers to our post-Brexit society in ‘After Brexit: Utopia or Dystopia’, with tickets now available for all the events.

The talks are part of the annual Faculty of Arts and Humanities Research Engagement Series and feature lectures from expert voices from UEA and beyond.

The series has been arranged by Prof Hussein Kassim, Professor of Politics at UEA and Senior Fellow of the UK in a Changing Europe research initiative.

Speakers for the events, which will take place on a series of Tuesdays from April through to June, include Dominic Grieve, former Conservative and Independent MP, Prof Margaret MacMillan, Professor of International History at the University of Oxford, and former MEP and adviser to the UK Board of Trade, Baron Daniel Hannan.

These leading figures from politics and academia will be offering reflections on recent events, as well as hopes and fears on the future, and attempting to ask what role the UK should play in the world now it has left the EU, what kind of relationship the UK should seek with its European neighbours and how serious the tensions are between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and whether the union is under threat.

All events are free and open to all and will be available online to watch from the comfort of home. They will also be made available on YouTube for playback at a later date.

To book, please visit the UEA website.


Full list of events:

After The Lockdowns: Did COVID-19 Kill Global Britain?

Tuesday 27 April, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Speaker: Daniel Hannan, Baron Hannan of Kingsclere (Author, Conservative peer, and former MEP. He serves as adviser to the UK Board of Trade and is President of the Initiative for Free Trade)


Brexit... Reversing 1000 Years of History between These Islands

Tuesday 11 May, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Speaker: John Bruton (Former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, former Fine Gael party leader, and former EU Ambassador to the US)


A United Kingdom? Brexit and the Future of the Union

Tuesday 25 May, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Panellists: Katy Hayward (Professor of Political Sociology, Queen’s University Belfast and Senior Fellow ‘UK in a Changing Europe’), Nicola McEwen (Professor of Territorial Politics, University of Edinburgh and Senior Fellow ‘UK in a Changing Europe’), Dan Wincott (Blackwell Professor of Law and Society, Cardiff University, and Research Director of the ESRC ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ initiative)

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