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Kine Weekly began its life around 1890 as the monthly publication Optical Magic Lantern and Photographic Enlarger. It subsequently became a weekly title and continued in regular publication until 1971. Kine Weekly was owned by the periodical publisher Odhams. Towards the latter part of its run it was published by Odhams' subsidiary Longacre Press. This was the name Odhams had given to Hultons - publisher of Picture Post (the magazine which pioneered photojournalism in the UK) and of the famous Eagle comic among other titles - when it took over that company in 1960. In 1970, Odhams itself was taken over by IPC Specialist and Professional Press Ltd. According to the final issue of Kine Weekly (published in 1971) the title was sold to British and American Film Holdings Ltd, which owned the rival film trade paper, Today's Cinema (which had been in existence since 1957, initially as Daily Cinema). Kine Weekly then merged with Today's Cinema. In September 1975, Today's Cinema was re-launched as Screen International, which is now owned and published by EMAP.

Kine Weekly is thus a unique and invaluable record of the development of the British film and television industries, and is widely used by researchers. However, it has never had an index - and in most cases a conventional print index would not tell researchers what they needed to know.

The Kine Weekly online index covers the years 1955 to the end of the publication in 1971. It also contains materials from the late 1890s (The Optical Magic Lantern Journal), early-1915, 1943 to mid-45 and January to June 1954.

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