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Do you want the chance to gain great business and communication experience?  You will meet and work with new people from UEA and network widely in the business sector & heritage.


The recruitment sessions are a good way to find out more, without commitment:

1st November Wednesday 11-12 (Online)

10th November Friday 1-2 (In person at NBI)

14th November Tuesday 4-5 (Online)

23rd November Thursday 1-2 (In person on campus)

The programme runs for 12 weeks and includes workshops and presentations by entrepreneurs and industry experts, culminating in a final presentation to colleagues, business leaders and employers.


“Although an area I am completely unfamiliar with, I loved this project because it was challenging in so many ways for both my team and me. The issue of ethics allowed the team to get to know each other and what their individual core values were, which enabled them to gel very quickly and explore all aspects. A live project like this is exciting and real which I felt gave my team more determination in the conclusion.
“It is a brilliant idea, which links industry with academia… I loved every aspect of the process, seeing students develop, sharing ideas and getting significant results.” 

John Farley, i-Teams Industry Mentor, 2019

"Mentoring is highly rewarding. It was a joy to see mentees expand and develop their ideas and understanding and realise their skills and knowledge can be applied to new areas. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team of students; learning about the other projects and meeting the whole i-Teams support structure." 
Chris Liggett, i-Teams Industry Mentor, 2019


If you are interested in becoming an industry mentor, contact iteams@uea.ac.uk to find out more.