Personal and professional development Personal and professional development

As a postgraduate research student you will receive research training and will also develop your personal and professional skills - both are key to becoming an effective researcher and to making a successful transition into your future career, whether within or outside academia.

The Science Faculty has a new Graduate School which has developed a Personal and Professional Development (PPD) training programme to provide and support your training from the start to the finish of your research degree.

All PhD students are required to undertake a total of 30 training credits of transferable personal and professional development training over their period of study at UEA. For MPhil students the requirement is 20 training credits and for MSc by Research students 10 training credits. Credits are attained through the pursuit of a mixture of different activities that develop transferable skills.

The PPD programme is divided into 7 parts:

  • Part 0 Experiential Learning
  • Part 1 Understanding the Research Sector
  • Part 2 Skills (Basic and Beyond)
  • Part 3 Developing Career and Engagement
  • Part 4 Academic Writing
  • Part 5 Developing Laboratory and Fieldwork Skills
  • Part 6 Assessing progress and other learning activities
  • Part 7 Institutes and School Specific Courses

See further details of our unique and extensive PPD training programme.

You will have a primary supervisor and a supervisory team, you will meet with your main supervisor frequently and you will have a formal meeting with your supervisory team at least once each semester.

People engaged in related employment can study for a PhD on a part-time basis. You are also welcome to apply with a research proposal of your own.