In-depth seminars, Thursdays at 1pm In-depth seminars, Thursdays at 1pm

Thursday 25 October 2018

Speaker: Prof Ragnhild Elisabeth Paulsen
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway

Title:  Promoting the chicken embryo as a model for nonclinical safety studies of pharmaceuticals

Host: Dr Tim Grocott

Room: EFry 01.02

Details: Our research interests are molecular mechanisms of cell death and cell survival in the central nervous system. We use neuronal cell cultures as experimental models. Many of our studies involve glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter in the CNS that in high extracellular concentrations causes cell death e.g. following a stroke; or drugs such as glucocorticoids.  


Thursday 01 November 2018

Speaker:  Dr Rebeca Estevez - University of Seville and School of Biological Sciences, UEA

Title:  A study of hypothalamus in germ-free mice 

Host: Dr Mohammad K. Hajihosseini

Time: 1-2pm

Room: QUEENS 1.03


Thursday 15 November 2018

Speaker:  Dr James Smith - Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, University of Nottingham
and Norwich Medical School, UEA

Title:  Modelling Cardiovascular Disease with Gene Edited hiPSCs

Host: Prof Andrea Munsterberg

Time: 1-2pm

Room: QUEENS 1.03

Abstract: Reprogramming technologies allow for the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), from patients carrying specific disease genotypes. Advances in gene editing technologies now enable the correction of disease mutations to produce isogenic hiPSC controls within the same genetic background. Differentiation of isogenic pairs of patient-derived hiPSCs into cardiovascular cells offer a powerful disease modelling tool, to gain mechanistic insight and guide pharmacological rescue.


Friday 23 November 2018

Speaker:  Professor Nick Dale - School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick

Title:  Evolution and role of the Co2 sensitivity of Connexin-26

Host: Dr Mohammad K. Hajihosseini

Time: 1-2pm

Room: QUEENS 01.11


Thursday 06 December 2018

Speaker: Hannah Felstead - BIO

Title:  Evidence for a postnatal progenitor cell population in cerebral cortex, negatively regulated by Fgf10

Host: Dr Mohammad K. Hajihosseini

Time: 1-2pm

Room: SCI 0.31


Thursday 07 March 2019

Speaker: Augustin Hrvoje - University College London

Title:  Age-related changes in the escape response pathway of D. melanogaster

Host: Dr Grant Wheeler & Prof Tamas Dalmay

Time: 1-2pm

Room: EFRY 01.05


Thursday 11 April 2019

Speaker: Stuart Nayar - Biological Sciences

Title: Cholinergic and FGF signalling pathways regulate postnatal hypothalamic neurogenesis in the mouse brain

Host: Dr Mohammad K. Hajihosseini

Time: 1-2pm

Room: EFRY 01.05

Thursday 9 May 2019

Speaker: Prof Anthony J Day - Biological Sciences, University of Manchester

Title: TSG-6: a multi-functional tissue-protective protein with broad therapeutic potential

Host: Prof Ian Clark

Time: 1-2pm

Room: EFRY 01.05


Thursday 5 September 2019

Speaker: Dr Tarja Kinnunen - School of Applied Sciences, University of Huddersfield

Title: Exploring the role of cell signalling co-factor, Klotho, in longevity and healthy lifespan

Host: Dr Mohammad Hajihosseini

Time: 1-2pm

Room: Queens 1.03


Thursday 7 November 2019

Speaker: Alice Godden

Title: Investigating the role of microRNAs in Xenopus neural crest development

Affiliation: School of Biological Sciences

Host: Dr Grant Wheeler

Time: 1-2pm

Room: ARTS 2.01