Here are case studies of some of our community projects Here are case studies of some of our community projects

Darwin Radio Shows

This series of radio programmes celebrating the life and work of Charles Darwin was a collaborative projective between UEA and Future Radio funded by Cue East. The shows were written by Laura Bowater (MED) and Kay Yeoman (BIO) and featured the research of many academics across the university. The programmes were produced by Martin Watters.
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Mobile Family Science Laboratory

We travel throughout Norfolk and provide science activities in the area of biomedical science for children and adults of all ages and abilities. We run science clubs and activity days for primary schools and more advanced workshops for secondary schools. We also run family science days such as ‘Cells Alive' held at the Forum in Norwich and also ‘Totally Amazing Me!' at the Inspire Discovery Centre.
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'Ingenious Investigators'

This event was held at the Norwich Castle Museum and this particular activity designed by Jaeger Hamilton involved learning about the water mould Saprolegnia along with other organisms with which it associates. Read the evaluation report.