Top Tips for Cheap, Green Travel

Everyone at UEA can help reduce the impact that our travel has on the environment. Some options are even cheaper and get you fitter than driving. We offer our staff and students many travel incentives to promote sustainable travel options.


Contact the Travel & Transport Team to discuss your options: we are happy to help you review your journey options and make more sustainable travel choices.

Dr Bike at UEACycling to campus or walking has many health benefits and could be a less stressful way of getting to campus. Going by bike or on foot for short journeys can be less time consuming, when you factor in finding a parking space or sitting in traffic.


Bicycle User Group

The campus-wide Bicycle User Group (BUG) has started back up, and will act as a focus group and ideas forum for the cycling community.

If you would like more information, please get in contact.


Get cycle-sorted with the Dr Bike at UEA!

Read more about cycling at UEA.

Our staff and students get a 60% discount on First Bus annual passes. There is a bus every 10 minutes between UEA & the city/rail station and we work hard with local travel companies to ensure quality and reliability of bus services to campus.

Konectbus also offer up to 40% discount towards annual passes, available from the UEA Transport team to cover the  journeys from Airport P&R and 3 or 4 to the N&NU Hospital via the University of East Anglia and more.

Using public transport for part of your journey is a cost effective way to travel that helps ease congestion, reduces emissions and can be easier than finding a parking space at peak times. We collaborate with travel companies to provide Park and Ride services to UEA from Costessey. 

The 'Park and Stride' is an option for our staff with an activated campus card. Opened in September 2015, the car park is approximately a 15-20 minute walk from the centre of the main campus (around 0.8 miles) and 10 minutes from the hospital and Edith Cavell building.

Read more about Park and Ride.

The University all works in partnership with Abellio Greater Anglia to provide discounts for staff and students who regularly travel by train whether it is to commute to University or to explore the area.

Join our SmartShare car share scheme to save money on fuel and help the environment. Car sharing can fit around a varied timetable: it doesn't have to be every day to make a difference.

Parking at the university is in high demand and we encourage our staff and students to look at alternative travel options such as public transport or cycling.

Travel Strategy and Updates 

We have been committed to providing sustainable travel options throughout its history, and set in place its first travel plan 14 years ago.


Travel Plan

The Travel Plan has been updated for 2016, and will be in place until 2020. It pulls together information on transport options for visitors, staff and students to get to and from campus.

A new, user-friendly guide to travel at UEA is currently under development.

Travel Plan Strategy


New infrastructure

We have spent over £1 million on cycle infrastructure over the last 10 years. This investment has ensured that the campus now has over 3,600 cycle parking spaces, campus-wide shower facilities, and improved lighting and CCTV on the cross-valley link.

The University, supported by the successful ‘Better Bus Area’ bid awarded to Norwich, is improving the bus infrastructure at the main bus stops. The University Drive stop was upgraded in August 2016, with Chancellors Drive also due to be improved.

Recycled materials are being used for paving and seating, whilst the canopy uses a green roof covering and plant screening. CCTV, WiFi and real-time travel information will be installed to further enhance the public transport experience. We are also hoping to enable rail ticket sales.