Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Reduce How Much You Need to Throw Away

As a university 90% of our total waste mass is diverted from landfill through recycling programmes and energy from waste generation. However, this all costs the University approximately £260,000 per year.

Producing less waste is a better option than recycling, and much better than disposing to landfill.


Why re-use and recycle?

Disposing of waste to landfill by incineration or through chemical disposal routes is more expensive and has a higher environmental cost than the alternatives.

Legislation covers storage and segregation of waste, as well as disposal/removal and recycling. It is therefore vital that we all take responsibility for the waste we produce.

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Bin Busy?

  • Brown/ green caddy for food and compostable materials – Vegetables, fruit, dairy products, egg shells, meat, fish, bones, all cooked and uncooked food items, any compostable material and packaging.
  • Blue for general waste – general waste which is not hazardous, recyclable or compostable.
  • Green for recycling – Recycle steel/aluminium cans, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aerosol cans. All office bins are for recycling only.
  • Black for glass – bins are located at external bin stores, the Recycling Zone and West Car Park.


Campus Community

Personal Item Sharing: 

Our campus community network (formerly FreeAds) allows staff and students to exchange, buy or sell items.

PLEASE NOTE: This network is for personal items and materials only. Do not use the Campus Community pages to get rid of University assets.