Investment policy

The University of East Anglia invests its funds in the following manner:

  • Permanent endowment funds in the fund known as Consolidated Fund No 1 (CF1) have been invested since November 2020 in a Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund managed by Cazenove Capital. The full details of this policy is contained in Appendix 1.

  • In November 2020 an additional fund (The Pioneer Fund) was invested in a Responsible Investment Fund managed by Brown Advisory. The full details of this policy is contained in Appendix 2.

  • Investment of certain other restricted permanent endowment funds are held in government bonds in accordance with the instructions of the original donor.

  • Other restricted endowment funds are invested along with the university's general funds in current/overnight accounts or in short-term deposits

  • A full copy of the University Investment Policy is contained in Appendix 3.

Finance Committee Review of Investment

  • The Finance Committee approved the transfer of CF1 from The Barclays Charity Fund to the Cazenove Charity Responsible Multi-Asset Fund in March 2020.

  • In respect of restricted endowment funds it is agreed to continue with the current policy of investment in short-term bank deposits, which is governed by the Treasury Management Policy (PDF) or investment in government securities.

Subsequent review

The investment approach will be reviewed annually by the Finance Committee (a committee of Council). Comments are welcomed at any time and should be forwarded to