We recognise that equality and diversity should be embedded in all our activities.


We Aim to Raise Awareness

  • We highlight personal achievements of our female scientists through internal messaging and our website news. 
  • Athena SWAN information is included in the induction materials provided to our staff.
  • Athena SWAN and Equality and Diversity information added to our digital student information zones.
  • All staff are now mandated to undergo e-learning ‘Diversity in the Workplace' training. 
  • Equality and Diversity topics are promoted through our social media including X (formely known as Twitter), Facebook and our faculty showcase LinkedIn e.g. #AthenaSWAN, #equality #UEASCIENCE


We Aim to Support our staff at key career transition points

  • We provide mentorship from outside the School.
  • On-site career development courses for staff are provided by the Centre for Staff and Educational Development, including over 200 courses to gain new or develop existing skills, learn best practice, regulations and pedagogy. Staff also have the opportunity to attend off-site training courses for enhancing workplace skills and employability; central training funding can be applied to for assistance with attendance costs.
  • We have been proactive in adopting promotional material produced by the Science Faculty Appraisal working group. This forms part of new staff induction.
  • A bridging fund to assist Research Associates.
  • Financially supporting a place for female lecturers to attend the Aurora leadership course.
  • Co-funding the Daphne Jackson Trust fellowship with the Science Faculty and promoting awareness of the opportunity.


We Aim to Support Promotion

  • Structured support in providing promotions sessions to encourage staff to apply and plan their applications.


We Aim to Promote Networks

  • We support many social and professional networking opportunities. 
  • The School Contract Research Staff forum meets regularly to address specific research staff issues and provide updates to members on opportunities and changes occurring within the School. 
  • Staff and students have the opportunity to network at ResNet events (a network promoting gender equality and fairness across the Norwich Research Park). 
  • Staff, PDRAs and post-graduate research students supervise our undergraduate student 


We Aim to Support Flexible Working

  • The School arranges research seminars and meetings flexibly at times to maximise participation for all staff.
  • We raise awareness of support for flexible leave packages and use leave checklists to support managers with their knowledge and awareness of opportunity.
  • We work in close partnership with the Human Resources department to provide support for flexible working.
  • We support the Family Support and Return to Work Fund: to support career development and transition back to work following a significant period of absence; all staff employed and PGR students working directly in the Science Faculty are eligible to apply; contact equality@uea.ac.uk

We Aim to Support Families

  • The highly regarded UEA Nursery is available to staff and students. Dedicated drop off and pickup parking places are available.
  • There is a dedicated family room in the basement of the Elizabeth Fry Building. It is fully equipped for nursing mothers and has changing facilities.