The School of Pharmacy was established in 2003. In a short time, we've made great progress in developing our research portfolio and impacting in a range of ways: from the provision of expertise to industry, patients and clinicians through to the development of new technologies and knowledge to support the search for new, safe and effective drugs.

Our strategy is driving us towards achieving impact at a local, national and international level. Our research is primarily focused on human healthcare and we are proactively creating opportunities for our researchers to work on cross-disciplinary projects to extend the reach of our expertise. 

Along with our collaborations with industry, which can be seen through numerous research contracts with companies such as Boots, Evotec, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, we also have strong relationships with healthcare providers. We have research contracts with organisations such as the National Health Service and the National Institute for Health Research in the UK as well as with international bodies, such as the Saudi Arabian Government.

We are also keen to encourage the sharing of our research as widely as possible and see this as a route to make new connections and develop new relationships with a view to creating opportunities to apply our research.

Take a look at some of the ways our research has had an impact:

Research Case Studies

Prof Dr Debi Bhattacharya - Medication Adherence Support Decision Aid

Through working with patients, NHS practitioners and policy makers, the Bhattacharya group has developed a programme of research to improve the support for patients to take their medicines as...

Dr Andrew Beekman - Protein-Protein Interactions

Protein-protein interactions control most processes in life, in both healthy and disease states. Many diseases cause an imbalance of proteins and result in unwanted protein-protein interactions....

Dr Sheng Qi

Dr Qi has a keen interest in developing innovations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and controlled drug delivery technology. She has to date over 60 peer-reviewed publications and 5...