PhDs and Research Degrees in the School of Pharmacy

We welcome applicants for our postgraduate research opportunities available in the School for the coming academic year.  Our research embraces the following themes including:

  • Synthesis of Functional Molecules
  • Understanding Biological Function
  • Medicine Management
  • Advanced Methods For Characterisation and Delivery


Our postgraduate degrees by research usually take between three to four years to complete and are supervised by our expert scientists who outline the research, and provide guidance and mentoring throughout the project. Prospective students are welcome to contact supervisors in whose research they are interested to explore the opportunities. Staff research pages can be viewed via the People pages, which includes contact details for each member of staff.

Understanding how matrix rigidity regulates vascular smooth muscle cell function during ageing (WARREN_U22DTP2)

Maintaining aortic compliance, the ability of the aorta to change shape in response to changes in blood pressure, is essential for healthy ageing. The aortic...

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Shining a bright light on skin pigmentation: the role of LC3-associated phagocytosis in melanosome uptake

Shining a bright light on skin pigmentation: the role of LC3-associated phagocytosis in melanosome uptake (MORRIS_U22DTP)

The epidermis serves several...

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Enhancing pathogen detection with sweet peptide tools (MORRIS_U21DART)

Host-pathogen interactions often rely on the binding between a host glycan (sugar) to a sugar-binding protein (lectin). Bacteria such as Pseudomonas...

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AgriFoRwArdS EPSRC studentships in Agri-food Robotics and Autonomous Systems

UEA is a member of the AgriFoRwArdS EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, along with...

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Biochemical pathology of diabetes: Mechanisms of cysteine depletion during hyperglycaemia (HAMILTONC_U22SF)

In humans, the cysteine-containing tripeptide glutathione (GSH) is an essential thiol cofactor that maintains an intracellular reducing environment to protect...

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Postgraduate Research in Pharmacy

We are a top tier, research-led university and are committed to making a substantial impact on the global challenges facing society. Our postgraduate...

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