Role-play is a powerful learning and teaching tool, immersing students in lifelike scenarios where they interact with other people in real time. Effective role-play is as close to ‘learning on the job’ as you can get, but without the risks associated with trying out new skills in a real-life situation.

Role-play enables students to:

  • Learn through experience in lifelike scenarios with authentic characters
  • Build your confidence by trying out new skills and rehearsing techniques in a learning environment, before applying them at work
  • Increase self-awareness and understand the impact of your behaviour on others, which is further enhanced by constructive feedback
  • Practice and prepare for difficult conversations and sensitive issues in a risk-free environment where mistakes are a learning opportunity
  • Demonstrate assessment skills such as communication, professional conversations, and decision-making.

Our role-play services for clients include:

  • Role-players to meet your scenario requirements drawing on our broad database of highly skilled actors
  • Script-writing for scenarios
  • Briefing for your facilitators/trainers on working with role-players
  • Design and delivery of bespoke role-play based training programmes to meet your learning outcomes.


We draw upon the expertise of professional and semi-professional actors, students and tutors of our drama and scriptwriting programmes. All our role-players receive training appropriate to our client’s needs, who can expect an effective service which will enhance participant experience.

Our clients include the Norwich Medical School and the Schools of Social Work, Nursing, Midwifery and Pharmacy, for whom we provide role-play actors for class-based teaching, examinations and video-based training resources in consultation and communication skills.

We have developed scripts and provided actors for training sessions for our Centre for Interprofessional Practice and have worked with external clients such as Brent Council Adult Social Care. We are broadening our client base to support more learning and development activities for our students and staff, as well as public, voluntary and private sectors outside UEA.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you to use role-play to meet learning outcomes and support your learning and training strategies. Contact us at or on 01603 593024 to find out more.