Examples of site visits within modules

  • site visit on boat
    The Seajacks barge Leviathan moored at Great Yarmouth's outer harbour. Students on the Wind Energy module spent a day on Leviathan with Seajack's crewing manager seeing how a jack-up boat works and how it can solve many of the practical difficulties of installing an offshore wind farm.
  • king's lynn power station
    King's Lynn Power Station
    Energy engineering students visiting King's Lynn power station as part of the Electricity Generation and Transmission module. The visit covered the entire process from natural gas entering the plant to the generated electricity being exported.
  • salle substation
    Salle Substation
    Salle sub-station where electricity from the Sheringham Shoal windfarm connects to the National Grid. The site visit complemented an industry lecture on the Electricity Generation and Transmission module that was given by Terry McBride who designed the grid connection and necessary changes to the sub-station.
  • board meeting
    AquaTerra Energy
    Students on the Wave, Tidal and Hydro Energy module had a breakfast meeting with engineers from Aquaterra Energy looking at how the design of offshore structures and the problems faced in harsh operating environments such as the Kaspian Sea.
  • sita site visit
    Sita Energy from Waste Plant
    Suffolk county council working with Sita have built a pioneering Energy from Waste plant that provides heat and electricity to the surrounding district. Our first years were treated to a guided tour during the construction of this massive plant. What they all seemed to remember was the enormous hole in the ground for the waste and the intelligent crane that loads it into the plant.
  • UEA Biomass Plant site visit
    UEA's Biomass Plant
    Engineering students visiting UEA's own biomass plant. The students were part of an engineering summer school and this was one of four site visits that were arranged to show how real engineering systems operate.