Dr. Kamal Raj Devkota

Lecturer, Research Center for Educational Innovation & Development (CERID)

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur

Kathmandu, Nepal


Tribhuvan University (TU), established in 1959, is a government-aided public university in Nepal. There are five institutes and four general faculties under which 39 central departments, 62 constituent campuses and 1040 affiliated public and private colleges are running in different disciplines. TU offers Bachelor, Master, M.Phil., PhD programs both in technical and general disciplines.  Four research centres including Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID) have their glorious history for their contribution in research and knowledge generation for policy making and implementation in the nation. TU runs Master and Bachelor Degree programs through semester system. TU, as the largest and leading university of the nation, accommodates around 80 percent of the total higher education students in Nepal. TU has 8,340 teaching faculties, and 7674 non-teaching staff including the support staff in its different faculties, institutes, constituent campuses and research centers. TU aims to develop competitive human resource for the national development as well as global competition through quality education and research.

CERID under Tribhuvan University has a long-established profile in literacy research. Prof. Dr. Surendra Giri, the Executive Director, is leading the UEA UNESCO Chair partnership.  Dr. Kamal Raj Devkota, Assistant Professor of CERID contributes his strong research expertise in language education and literacy particularly focusing on Dalits, disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Nepal.

  • Dr Surendra Giri
    Dr Surendra Giri
    Professor Surendra Giri specializes in Health Education. He completed his PhD from the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has been working as a teaching faculty at TU for the last two decades, and also has successfully completed the assigned responsibilities including the campus chief. He has conducted a number of small and large-scale research studies including awareness on HIV/AIDS, Health Care Services in Rural Communities in Nepal, and Perception of Health and Well Being. He has also authored a number of books that concern health education in Nepal. His areas of interest for future research are education policy, issues and challenges and curriculum development.
  • Dr Kamal Raj Devkota
    Dr Kamal Raj Devkota
    Dr Kamal Raj Devkota specializes in language education and literacy in Nepal. He has undertaken a number of research works and policy reviews in the field of education. He has led the verification research of the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) under School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) for Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) in Nepal. As well, he has been leading a number of research works in higher education policy, language education and indigenous practices. Dr. Devkota has also been teaching and supervising M.Phil. and PhD students. He is the coordinator of the UEA UNESCO Chair for CERID, TU.
  • Professor Sushan Acharya
    Professor Sushan Acharya
    Professor Sushan Acharya holds a Doctorate in Education (EdD) in International and Non-Formal Education (1999) and Masters in International and Non-Formal Education (1994) from Center for International Education (CIE), University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst, USA; and Masters in English Literature (1984) Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu. She is a Professor in the Department of Foundation of Education and Department of Education Planning and Management of the Central Department of Education, Tribhuvan University. Prof. Acharya has also worked as the member of the High Level National Education Commission 2018 and 2019. In addition, she has undertaken a number of research, evaluation, reviews and consultancy projects in the field of education (both formal and non-formal) particularly focusing on gender and social inclusion. She has published a number of articles on literacy, indigenous practices, gender and social inclusion in the context of Nepal.
  • Professor Dr Binod Luitel
    Professor Dr Binod Luitel (PhD)
    Professor Dr Binod Luitel specializes in language pedagogy, and is interested in various areas of educational exploration. He has delivered presentations nationally and internationally on several themes of language education; and has carried out research and published papers in many areas of education including language pedagogy. He has worked as the editor of several journals (national and international) related to education and language pedagogy for 10 years, and has a high zeal to work in research-cum-innovation activities, as well as to write creatively in the field of education.
  • Mr Dipak Khanal
    Mr Dipak Khanal specializes in Educational Planning and Management. He is interested in diverse educational issues including leadership and professional development among the teachers both of school tertiary levels. He is engaged in different research studies conducted through CERID.
  • Mr Om Chandra Thasineku
    Mr Om Chandra Thasineku
    Mr Om Chandra Thasineku specializes in Population Studies (M.A and M.Phil.). He was awarded the UGC fellowship to accomplish his M. Phil. Degree. He is interested in diverse population-related issues. Currently, he is engaged in data management and analysis through SPSS and Stata of different research conducted through CERID.