There are many benefits to hosting a UEA trainee teacher throughout a placement, which work at many different levels.

As a mentor, you take on a significant role in training, as an expert colleague. Mentoring a trainee teacher is very much a chance to shape the future of the profession, whilst benefitting from professional development yourself. As a mentor, you are able to see the impact your guidance, support and encouragement has on the development of a trainee on a daily basis. Our trainees are encouraged to ask lots of questions of their expert colleagues, so mentoring  provides an opportunity to articulate and reflect on your own practice. Many mentors tell us that their own teaching has improved as a result of mentoring our trainee. 

There are many benefits to a school in working with our trainees. We have trainees from many different walks of life, with varied and interesting  knowledge, skills and life experiences, that could enhance the provision for the children within your school. Our trainees are enthusiastic and keen to learn, and many head teachers have commented that our trainees have brought a “breath of fresh air” to their schools. 

Perhaps of most importance is the benefit to the children of having a trainee in their classroom or school. Children are at the heart of education, and our trainees are encouraged to get to know the children as individuals, in order to support them academically and socially. Our trainees contribute to the progress children make, not only in their academic work, but also in their development of social skills, enthusiasm for learning and learning behaviours.

We are always looking to grow the partnership and would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a new mentor, or if you have worked with us previously and would like to do so again.


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