The PGCE Professional Development Programme focuses on the role of the teacher in the school as a whole, and on cross-subject aspects of classroom teaching.

This element of the course combines lectures and seminars in the university with observations, investigations and discussions in schools.

What the programme covers

The programme addresses:

  • broad educational issues
  • theoretical insights
  • 'whole school' issues
  • cross-curricular dimensions and themes
  • the teacher’s wider role within the school community.

Topics included in the autumn semester focus on learning theories, responsive teaching, behaviour for learning and addressing barriers to learning.

The wider, 'whole school' issues addressed in the spring semester include pastoral support and working with parents and carers, inclusive practice, and approaches to curriculum planning.

You will be encouraged to consider teachers’ professional responsibilities as you progress through the course.


You will complete three assignments related to your teaching practice. These will contribute to work towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards for QTS, as well as giving you 90 Master’s credits.