Working with others, members of Chemistry’s Equality and Diversity Assessment Review (CEDAR) group bring suggestions to our regular meetings and support the implementation of plans and activities.

We discuss matters relating to gender, race, religion and disability within the School. If you have an interest in our inclusivity ideas, we would love to hear from you and your ideas could help to make a difference. Please contact our Chair.

Chair - Dr Tharin Blumenschein

Head of School - Prof Nick LeBrun

School Manager - Mr Shaun Canon

Project Co-ordinator – Ms Polly Lloyd

Disability Champion - Dr Stephen Ashworth

Director of Employability – Dr Andrew Mayes

Director of Research - Prof Julea Butt

Outreach Officer – Dr Tameryn Stringer

Postgrad Research Director – Dr Amit Sachdeva

Chemistry with Foundation Year Rep - Vacant

RA Forum Coordinator – Dr Vasily Oganesyan

PGR Student Rep - Mr Gareth Hughes

Post Doctoral Reseaerch Associate Rep - Vacant

Undergraduate Student - Vacant

HR Representative - Miss Sara Ledgard

Head of E&D - Mr Matthew Gooch

Technical Rep - Mr Matthew Myles

Secretary - Miss Rachel Smith


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