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Do you want the chance to gain great business and communication experience?  You will meet and work with new people from UEA and network widely in the business sector & heritage.


The recruitment sessions are a good way to find out more, without commitment:

1st November Wednesday 11-12 (Online)

10th November Friday 1-2 (In person at NBI)

14th November Tuesday 4-5 (Online)

23rd November Thursday 1-2 (In person on campus)

What it involves

10 weeks from Tuesday 23 January.  Working with a team of other postgraduate students and researchers, with your mentor on a project focussing on a new technology or aspect of heritage.  We will be fully back in person in 2024!

What you get – free food!

Experience and skills for your CV, contacts for your future career.

A group of new friends and colleagues.

Training on pitching, team working, intellectual property, value propositions and communicating with business.

What have previous participants said about it

Read our interview with Matthew Mullett, who took part in i-Teams in 2022

“i-Teams is an excellent opportunity to develop team and collaborative working. It is also an opportunity to learn about how you can develop an idea and translate it into something tangible for greater good. The impact of the final product usually has far more reaching impact to people society than initially envisaged, and it is a privilege to have been a part of such a unique opportunity to contribute to society.”

“I don’t consider the i-Teams scheme to have shaped my career. I consider it to have done far more, by shaping my entire outlook on my professional life. I refined many skills during my experience including how to manage a diverse team under pressure, how to innovate and how to pitch to meet your audience. After i-Teams, I had a renewed sense of what was important to me, and how I had many more transferable skills than I had ever given myself credit for. I didn’t necessarily get out what I was expecting from i-Teams, instead I think I got a whole lot more.”

“I chose to participate in i-Teams because I wanted the opportunity to learn additional skills relevant for employment in industry or as an entrepreneur. It opened my eyes to how much we researchers have to offer industrial partners. i-Teams importantly provided the initial opportunity for me to work with industry insiders and catalysed my current career trajectory.”

How to apply

Apply before 5pm 4 December 2023


“Through my participation in i-Teams, I gained huge insight into how my academic skills can be effectively applied in the world of business.”
Elizabeth Mossman

“My time spent as a researcher on one of UEA's first ever Heritage i-Teams projects not only pulled me out of this academic bubble, but served as a crucial reminder of the importance of collaborating with others.” 
Samuel Foster

"In my experience, participating in i-Teams is the closest thing to working for an innovative company. I now work in a fast-paced biotech where the projects and teams are very interdisciplinary and the projects are driven by strict timelines."
Elliot Lawrence

“I really enjoyed participating in i-Teams and would definitely recommend it to everyone. I learnt about how to approach contacts within professional companies and hold successful conversations about the project I was working on. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a great experience of the business side of innovation and entrepreneurship. This furthered my confidence and skills in networking and presenting under formal situations which are good skills to have for future work.”
Jessica Watt

"For me i-Teams was very exciting and useful because the project was a taste of the real world, totally different from academia. I would highly recommend i-Teams for every PhD student."
Nicolle Som