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European Climate Energy Mixes (ECEM)

European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM) is a Copernicus Climate Change Services Project (C3S) shaped by the World Energy and Meteorology Council (WEMC). In close collaboration with the energy sector, ECEM is developing a proof-of-concept model – or demonstrator. Its purpose is to enable the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well energy supply will meet demand in Europe over different time horizons, focusing on the role climate has on energy supply and demand.

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation with a steady increase in the share of variable renewable energy (RE) source and an increase in demand variability due to rooftop solar, air-conditioning, all against a variable and changing climate. Given the weather and climate dependency of both RE and demand, it is important to develop robust climate-based tools to advise energy planners and policy makers.

Therefore, this project is addressing:

The ways in which energy supply and demand over Europe are affected by the spatial and temporal variations of their climate drivers

How scenarios with different energy supply mixes can meet demand at the European scale, particularly given the projected high level of highly climate-sensitive RE.

In recognising that energy supply varies geographically and temporally, that climate plays an important role in this variability, that energy supply needs to continually match energy demand, and that even energy demand is climate dependent, this project will consider various energy mix scenarios and the impact climate has on them.


Start date: 1 November 2015 | End date: 30 September 2018


Dr Alberto Troccoli, ECEM Lead (Managing Director at World Energy & Meteorology Council & Visiting Professor at UEA)

Dr Stephen Dorling, Principal Investigator

Professor Phil Jones, Principal Investigator

Lesley Penny, Service Manager



Electricité De France (EDF, France)

The Met Office (UK)

ARMINES (France)

The University of Reading (UK)

The Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development (ENEA, Italy).




European Commission