Clearing And Adjustment 2016 Clearing And Adjustment 2016

If you’re not currently holding a university offer for September, or your results are different to what you expected, don’t worry. We can help.

What is clearing?

Clearing allows students who received no offers (or turned down all the ones they were given), applied late (after June 30) or didn’t get the grades they expected, to still go to university. The choice of courses may be limited and you will still need to make an application to UEA.

How does it work?

Students applying to UEA after June 30 will need to register with UCAS and fill out their application. You will then be able to access the Track service and will be given a clearing number. Please note that you won’t be able to make course choices until you’ve received a verbal offer from UEA or any other university you’re considering. 
Securing a verbal offer

There are two main ways to receive a verbal offer which you can then add in Track. If you did not do as well in your exams as you expected, you can contact us directly – we may still be able to accept you for the same course or a different one, depending on your results and what vacancies we have available.

Alternatively, you can browse our clearing vacancies list. UCAS also has its own online list, which is updated regularly.

When attempting to secure a verbal offer, remember that you must have your clearing number and UCAS Personal ID number. This allows us to view your online application. 

To find out more about clearing and adjustment read the resources below or call us on 01603 591515 to talk about our course vacancies. 


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