Postgraduate Scholarship FAQs Postgraduate Scholarship FAQs

When should I apply?

Applications may be open as early as October – please check our website for exact dates. Once you have submitted your application to the course at UEA, you are ready to apply for our scholarships. You do not need to have received an offer from UEA before you apply for a scholarship. 

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

We aim to let recipients know at most a month after the scholarship deadline for all Postgraduate Scholarships.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, you may apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for. If you are chosen as the recipient of more than one scholarship, you will be asked to choose your preference as to which you wish to hold.

How do I apply?

Please use the online form provided on the relevant web page and submit your application by the advised deadline.

Can I hold more than one scholarship at once?

You can only hold one donor-funded scholarship, but it may be that other University funding can be held with a donor-funded scholarship. For more information please contact

Can current UEA students apply for donor-funded scholarships?

Most donor funded scholarships are entry scholarships, meaning you cannot already be a student to hold them. UEA Students who are planning on continuing their studies at postgraduate level are encouraged to apply for our postgraduate scholarships.
We do, however, have a number of prizes, awards and bursaries for which current students are eligible. Please see our prizes webpages.

Will I hear whether my application has been successful?

Unfortunately we cannot contact every applicant with the outcome, although we will endeavour to do so, where possible. We aim to make all scholarship offers by the middle of the summer although timings may be differ between different scholarships.   

Did we answer your question?

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