Facilities for commercial or research use Facilities for commercial or research use

We have a variety of laboratories and equipment which can be accessed for problem solving, sponsored research, consultancy, or research and development. These laboratories are staffed by highly trained technicians, and we can seek specialist academic support for analysis and interpretation of results.

  • Analytical Laboratories: Based in our Science and Health faculties we can carry out analysis of minerals, other materials, liquids and gases. Techniques such as gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, scanning electron microscope, and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. We would be happy to discuss both problems and development opportunities. Find out more about:
  • UEA is also home to the Bioanalytical Facility, which houses a sophisticated array of mass spectrometry and immunoanalytical equipment. More importantly, the qualified and experienced team behind this facility can provide a bespoke analysis service for the analysis of human tissue and in particular musculoskeletal science. 
  • Stable Isotope Laboratory: Using isotope ratio mass spectrometers solid or liquid samples can be analysed, for example when studying food authenticity, soil, water, mineral, or plant analysis.
  • Bioimaging: The Henry Wellcome Laboratory for Cell Imaging houses an excellent range of sophisticated fluorescence, multiphoton, and laser scanning microscopes. We have specialist knowledge in imaging all forms of life.
  • Nuclear magnetic Resonance:  This is a powerful structural and analytical methodology for providing atomic level information about molecules. The UEA has a range of state-of the-art NMR spectrometers. This technique is used extensively in research problem solving.
  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: Largely aimed at biological structure problems, UEA has extensive expertise and equipment for EPR analysis. For more details:
  • Seaglider Maintenance: Based in the School of Environmental Science, these specialist autonomous vehicles are used to follow and measure chemical and flow behaviour in oceans. UEA technicians have extensive knowledge of the deployment and maintenance of Seagliders, and we can provide quotes for work.
  • Specialist Gas Cylinder Filling: The School of Environmental Science has developed a purpose built facility for filling air cylinders, with the ability to add closely controlled volumes of specific gases. These "spiked" gases are normally used for laboratory simulation of environmental conditions.
  • Mechanical and Electronic workshops: These workshops are equipped with a range of milling, turning and cutting machinery. We can consider design and manufacture of prototypes, and our electronics technicians can design and build complex control systems.

If you are unsure how UEA might be able to help you with a problem, or with a product or process development, then please contact us.