Stimulating new business opportunities Stimulating new business opportunities

The InCrops project is an EEDA/ERDF five year revenue funded project to operate a distributed enterprise hub that is focused on the derivatives of alternative and non food crops (bio-renewables), supply chain development and commercialisation.

The thirteen strong public sector partnership includes the elite group of plant science organisations in the East of England.

The InCrops enterprise hub has been developed to:

  • stimulate through new business assistance and activity the commercialisation of new biorenewable and low carbon products from alternative and non food crop feedstocks
  • in order to stimulate new business activity lever out the East of England's world class research capability in plant and crop science
  • to support the business and commercial sector and stimulate sustainable economic growth through supply chain development, market integration and product innovation
  • accelerate the rate of successful technology transfer into the business and commercial environment
  • through new exploitation platforms widen the scope for technology transfer
  • proactively support commercialisation through business spin outs and business incubation support in the East of England

Dr Mark Coleman, a BIO lecturer, has recently been seconded to InCrops to:

  • Promote collaborative working between the School of Biological Sciences, the InCrops Enterprise Hub, InCrops academic partners, and InCrops client companies
  • Facilitate the shared use of facilities to enhance trials and experiments for both the enterprise-related and the scientifically-oriented areas of joint working
  • Promote and advance the development of successful collaborative joint funding applications in the area of technology transfer, e.g. TSB, KTP, CASE etc.Promote the InCrops Enterprise Hub within academic communities within and beyond UEA.
  • Develop a personal interest and research experience in enterprise and exploitation in the Alternative and Non-Food Crops sector.
  • Develop sector based specialisation that maps onto the capability base of the enterprise hub.