BBSRC DTP Opportunities BBSRC DTP Opportunities

Applications are now open for the BBSRC DTP studentships starting in October 2020.


Studentships for 2020 entry focused on the topics below:


Project Supervisor

Uncovering the role of RNA m6A modification in germ cell proliferation

Dr Alper Akay

Sequencing the m6A (epi)transcriptome of C. elegans

Dr Alper Akay

Getting Dirty with Soil Phosphorus

Prof. Charles Brearley

Gifts that keep on giving: maternal effects and insect pest control

Prof. Tracey Chapman

Satyr males and reproductive interference for insect control

Prof. Tracey Chapman

The role of purinergic signalling in cartilage and joint health

Prof. Ian Clark

Engineering bacteria to harvest electrons

Dr Tom Clarke

White adipose tissue control by the peripheral nervous system

Dr Samuel Fountain

Turning Up the Heat on Pest Insect Reproduction: Optimising Thermal Control in Dry Food Storage Facilities

Prof. Matthew Gage

Chemical biology meets microbiology to combat climate change

Dr Andrew Gates

SOLAR-protect: Can tomato extracts protect skin from aging?

Dr Jelena Gavrilovic

PhD Studentship to study development of the face

Dr John Griffin

Molecular control of Eye development: investigating a novel gene network at the root of retinogenesis

Dr Timothy Grocott

From Structure-Function Studies to High Phytase Crops

Dr Andrew Hemmings

Antibiotic discovery in the wheat rhizosphere

Prof. Matthew Hutchings

Characterising the cyanobacterial cytoskeleton

Dr David Lea-Smith

The role of integrins in muscle stem cell function

Prof. Ulrike Mayer

Characterization of monoallelic regulation variation and aneuploidy associated dosage compensation mechanisms in human pre-implantation embryos

Dr David Monk

Massively parallel characterisation and experimental validation of viral microRNAs

Dr Simon Moxon

Chromatin dynamics in developing somites - identification and validation of novel regulatory elements and enhanced data mining using bioinformatics approaches

Prof. Andrea Munsterberg

Why do muscle stem cells need a primary cilium for effective regeneration?

Prof. Andrea Munsterberg

Genomics of mimicry in Neotropical Corydoras catfishes

Dr Martin Taylor

Exploring the chromatin landscape in early development Dr Grant Wheeler