The Dean’s Prize for the Arts and Humanities 2015/16

Participants were asked the question ‘Why do the humanities matter?’ and entries could have been in any form such as a film, piece of artwork, poem, essay, photograph etc.

Even though this was the first year of the Prize, competition was strong from students across Arts and Humanities and we received a variety of fantastic entrants.

"I am pleased to announce the first Dean’s Prize competition in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.  This initiative has been launched as Arts and Humanities scholars are routinely asked to account for the value of our subject areas. Given a context in which we are asked to justify studying ideas, politics and culture, we wanted to set students in the Faculty the challenge of speaking to the value of Arts and Humanities subjects. Hence the question for the first competition: Why do the humanities matter?"
Professor Yvonne Tasker
Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

2015/2016 awards ceremony

UEA Dean's Prize Comp 2015/2016UEA Dean's Prize Comp 2015/2016

UEA Dean's Prize Comp 2015/2016UEA Dean's Prize Comp 2015/2016

The winners and runners-up for this year are:
Winner: Lily Ozanne
Runners up: Marie Koshika Morris, Alan Nganga, Edward Sudall

Name: Lily Ozanne
Entry: Short story
Download entry: [PDF]
About Lily: “I am 2nd Year English Literature student originally from Manchester. I wanted to enter the competition because the question is one that I think is really relevant considering the current state of education in the UK: learning is so important and the Arts and Humanities are such a great way to improve personal capabilities and experiences. My aim once graduating is to become a teacher and/or author. In my spare time I love walking, cycling and dancing, preferably with friends (reading and writing should go without saying).”

Runners ups (in alphabetical order):
Name: Marie Koshika Morris
Entry: Play
Download entry: [PDF]
About Marie: "I am a 2nd year student studying Drama at UEA. In my spare time I enjoy watching plays and films, playing the piano, and cooking, specialising in brunches. I entered the competition because I feel that Arts and Humanities are incredibly important in anyone's education in understanding the world we live in and creating compassionate people, however, unfortunately sometimes it gets overlooked and degraded in academic value. Therefore, I felt this competition was a good way of highlighting the importance of Humanities in education."

Name: Alan Nganga
Entry: Poem
Download entry: [PDF]
About Alan: "I'm 21 and currently a 2nd year 'Inter-cultural communication and business management' student here at UEA. I entered this competition out of interest for the humanities and expressing what it represents to me personally. To me, the humanities represents all that we celebrate as creative and expressive, giving meaning to the most abstract of concepts and ideas. This has always been a particular interest of mine. Thank you for choosing my piece as a runner up, I appreciate the inclusion."

Name: Edward Sudall
Entry: Essay
Download entry: [PDF]
About Edward: “I study American and English literature. I entered the competition out of a compulsion to prove the value of Arts and Humanities in a society that increasingly accords prestige to money, machines, and mediocre celebrity – not the artistic and humanistic values that make life meaningful. In my spare time I enjoy learning about other cultures and languages, innumerable many-genre books, meditation, yoga, cycling, singing, and blues guitar.”