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UEA graduates launch safety platform to prevent workplace deaths

A team of University of East Anglia (UEA) graduates, with funding from the University, have launched a safety platform which could save the lives of lone-workers. 

The platform, called Safepoint, notifies staff if their lone-working colleague is suddenly sick, injured or attacked.

Safepoint is built on two pillars: a mobile application available on both Android and iOS devices; and a web portal that can be accessed through any modern web browser.

Workers, who work without direct supervision or help from any colleagues use the Safepoint mobile application to log their specific tasks, including data such as what job they are doing and how long it will take.

The information is captured on the central system of the platform, and in instances of an emergency, Safepoint immediately signals for help and share’s vital safety information in real-time, including the location of the worker and what task they are carrying out.

The web portal is used to monitor the wellbeing of workers, respond to emergencies and make informed safety decisions with the available data. The technology also makes it easier for employers to stay compliant with government lone-working regulations.

Safepoint was pitched as a business idea at a Norwich start-up event ‘Sync the City’, where the team of UEA graduates won the competition in November 2017. After two years of development the technology has been launched as a business operating at the University of East Anglia Enterprise Centre.

Safepoint can easily solve the issue of lone-working in a number of industries, such as: farming, care work, factory work, estate agency and security. The platform already has 11 businesses signed up after only being live for one month, with businesses ranging from engineering to accountancy.

Chief Executive, and former UEA student, Callum Coombes says: “We’re committed to helping protect lone workers and to building the most powerful and easy-to-use safety platform in the market. We’re already adding new features and there are many more to come.” 

Another former UEA student James Rogers, a co-founder and engineer at Safepoint, said: “Our journey would have been much more difficult without the immense support of the UEA. The University has supported us with funding, mentorship and network introductions. They have also helped us set up our office at the University of East Anglia Enterprise Centre.”

Visit the Safepoint website to get your organisation started on a 14-day free trial.