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Categorification in representation theory (MIEMIETZV_U23SF)

This PhD project will investigate questions surrounding categorification in representation theory.

Categorification has led to many breakthroughs in...

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Characterising rice genetic diversity in the mekong delta to sustain future crops (DEVEGA_E22DTP)

Primary Supervisor: Dr Jose De Vega
Secondary Supervisor: Rafal Gutaker, Kew


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Drug discovery for P2X receptors: molecular basis of ligand-receptor interaction (FOUNTAINS_U23SF)

P2X receptors are a family of ligand-gated ion channels activated by the neurotransmitter extracellular ATP (Illes et al., 2021). They are attractive drug...

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Stability of Soap Films and Foams (WHITTAKERR_U23SF)

Foams, comprising thin liquid films surrounding many small gas bubbles, have many domestic and industrial applications. These often rely on properties such as...

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Model theory in positive logic (KIRBYJ_U23SF)

Model theory is traditionally done with “classical first-order logic”, the logic which allows unlimited use of the operators AND, OR, NOT, with the EXISTS and...

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Optical fiber sensors for remote monitoring of challenging contaminants in water (HERNAEZM_U23SF)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field of optical fibre sensors based on nanostructured...

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“Staggarenes” – synthesis of new extended aromatic materials (CAMMIDGEA_U23SF)

Extended aromatic systems are crucial organic materials and the general class includes discrete materials such as fullerenes through to high order 2D...

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Exploring trade-offs and structural barriers to food and fuel security in older people (HANSONS_U22SF)

A member of the public, supported by one of our community partners said, “I can now put my heating on for longer and afford taxis to the doctors.  I can...

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