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Doctor of Education

Established in 1997, the EdD is a five-year part-time programme designed to meet the needs of professionals working in areas related to education, training...

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Wave turbulence in discrete nonlinear dispersive systems (PROMENTD_U22SCIO)

The theory of wave turbulence describes the equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium states of continuous systems possessing many dispersive interacting waves. It...

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Nonlinear capillary waves in Plateau borders (PARAUE_U22SCIO)

Solitary-wave solutions have been studied extensively over the years for the problems of gravity water waves, gravity-capillary waves, in two and three...

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Higher homological algebra and fractional Calabi-Yau algebras (GRANTJ_U22SCIO)

Calabi-Yau algebras are very important in mathematics: as well as turning up naturally in representation theory and topology, they are noncommutative examples...

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Designing a future UK landscape to assist British bird conservation (WARRENR_U22SCIO)

Supervisory Team: Dr Aldina Franco, Prof James Pearce-Higgins (External team member BTO)

This PhD provides the student with the opportunity to design...

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Mapping participation in energy, climate change and net zero (PALLETTH_U22SCIEC)

Public participation is now seen as essential to shaping innovations for sustainability that meet social needs, draw on the best available knowledge, meet...

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Decolonising the environmental sciences: histories, practices, futures (MAHONYM_U22SCIEC)

Debates about how to decolonise science have recently taken on a renewed urgency, and are particularly pertinent to the environmental sciences. Processes like...

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A geological analogue for the future: the rapid climatic warming 56 million years ago (CHAPMANM_U22SCIO)

Rationale and Significance: 

One of the most extreme global warming events in the geological past occurred 56 million years ago. This...

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Deformation before and after large earthquakes for seismic hazard assessment (BIEL_U21SCIEC)

Secondary Supervisors: Dr Jessica Johnson, Dr Zoe Mildon, Dr Andreas Rietbrock

Scientific background:

In earthquake science, a fundamental yet...

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Development of enhanced graphene-based membranes for water treatment (MELENDI-ESPINAS_U22SCIO)

Supervisory team member: Dr Zoraida Gonzalez

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field...

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Investigation into mechanisms of energy gains/losses in FPV: performance modelling (KAPLANIE_U22SCIO)

Floating photovoltaic (FPV) systems have experienced within the last decade exponential growth reaching a cumulative global installed capacity of 1.1GW in...

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Novel rechargeable solid-state zinc-air battery by additive manufacturing (HUIO_U22SCIO)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, UEA, for a PhD in the field of additive manufacturing and electrochemistry for energy...

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Detection of volatile organic compounds using graphene-based optical fibre sensors (HERNAEZM_U22SCIEC)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field of optical fibre sensors based on nanostructured...

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Digital manufacturing of rationally designed ice-phobic and ice-shedding surfaces (ASKOUNISA_U22SCI)

Ice accretion is detrimental to a number of areas from airplanes to wind turbines and power cables. Currently, methods to remove ice are either...

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Development of a new monitoring system for wind drivetrain faults diagnosis (ABDI-JALEBIS_U22SCIEC)

Primary/2nd Supervisor: Eleni Kaplani
Primary/2nd Supervisor: Oscar Hui
2nd Supervisor: Chris Atkin

This project will support further...

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An explainable AI platform development for breast cancer risk prediction from mammograms (ZEBINT_U22SCIEC)

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy affecting women worldwide and the fifth leading cause of cancer death. Survival of breast cancer patients in the...

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Probiotics and Pathogens - A Microbial Tug of War for the Host (GILMOUR_Q22DTP)

Primary Supervisor: Dr Matthew Gilmour -

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Bacteriophages as key players in bacterial adaptation to the human gut (ADRIAENSSENS_Q22DTP)

Primary Supervisor: Dr Evelien Adriaenssens -

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Evolution and engineering of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (WILKINSON_J22DTP1)

Primary Supervisor: Prof Barrie Wilkinson -

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Feasting on Iron (BUTT_U22DTP1)

Many species of bacteria use iron as an electron donor for lithotrophic growth and make significant contributions to biogeochemical mineral cycling. This...

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How does a bacterial pathogen use natural products to infect plants? (TRUMAN_J22DTP)

Primary Supervisor: Dr Andrew Truman -

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