Second year students take part in paid and unpaid internships during their summer break and all Masters students take part in internships. These can last from one-two months on any topic.

Case Studies 

Valeria (Master of Research: Social Science Research Methods student)

I completed my placement with a Norwich-based charity organisation called Deaf Connexions that provides a range of services for the Deaf Community in Norfolk, including sign language interpreting, advocacy, language classes, language aid for families with deaf children, etc. During the 3 weeks I spent at the Deaf Centre, I worked on a number of tasks, some of which concerned the everyday routine of the Deaf Centre where deaf people come for support, while others had to do with dementia and language aid projects that Deaf Connexions lead. The most beneficial aspect of my placement was the opportunity to meet deaf visitors and workers at Deaf Connexions every day I spent there and get to know them and the life of the Deaf Community in Norfolk.


Alistair (Master of Research: Social Science Research Methods student)

I worked for a small team, within Anglian Water, who were responsible for implementing behaviour change initiatives. I was tasked with developing a psychometric survey to access staff flushing behaviour and staff views of individual/collective impact upon the environment. Did people think the environment was ductile or not (i.e. able to recover from human interaction, with or without our help) and could one variable predict the other? I enjoyed the process and learnt how to liaise effectively across professions. I particularly enjoyed the conference calls. It was difficult at times to explain and justify decisions and reasons why the survey had to be created in a specific way to others who did not have a research background. At times, the process of mediation was challenging. Particularly in trying to address variables I was given that were without existing psychometric scales, while retaining a scientific approach.


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Higher grades are required to get on this course. These students spend their third year working in an organisation as an employee. The student then returns to university to complete their degree - including a supervised research project which might be on one aspect of their placement work.

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