Listed below is a selection of our key publications.


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PiLaCS is an online journal of works in progress by staff, students and researchers working in language, communication and related disciplines throughout the University of East Anglia. PiLaCS is an ideal forum for disseminating pre-print work and gaining valuable feedback. Submitting to PiLaCS will not prevent authors from subsequently submitting their work to a peer-reviewed journal (or other publication), and it is anticipated that authors will ultimately do so. Postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to submit their work. We welcome submissions that address problems in any areas related to language and communication studies.​

Volume 3 (2022)

Edited by Jennifer Dawe and Chi-Hé Elder

1-21 Andrew Novell

Giving voice to ‘place’: Performative locational communication in Larissa FastHorse’s play Urban Rez

L22-40 Motoko Akashi

The power of translators: Exploring the impact of Japanese translators’ celebrity status over the promotion of foreign literature

41-59 Jennifer Dawe, Chi-Hé Elder and Kristy Sanderson

A qualitative linguistic framework for analysing empathic and empowering communications in classical person-centred therapeutic interactions


Volume 2 (2019)

Edited by Chi-Hé Elder, Maria Tsimpiri, Sara Vilar Lluch

1-20 Anaïs Augé

Climate change (un)certainty : The green for the environment metonymy in UK national newspapers

21-45 Roger Baines

Translating tweets in the soccer industry: Identity management and visibility in a global game

46-64 Kayo Kondo

Clinical empathy in medical consultations in Japan: An exploration of the medical education context


Volume 1 (2017)​

Edited by Chi-Hé Elder, Maria Tsimpiri, Vera da Silva Sinha​

Front matter 

2-16 Andreas Musolff​

How metaphors can shape political reality: The figurative scenarios at the heart of Brexit 

17-27 Sing Tsun Derek Wong​

Investigating 'mob rule': The use of the phrase and its effects

28-59 Sara Vilar Lluch​

ADHD defining discourse: An approach to the DSM-V from a Critical Discourse Analysis perspective

Norwich Papers is a range of essays and papers on issues in Translation Studies .

Norwich Papers is an annual journal based at the University of East Anglia, consisting of a range of essays and papers on issues in Translation Studies. ​

​Every year the journal concentrates on a specific theme and values its contributions from a wide range of academic backgrounds.​

Since 1993, Norwich Papers has been published by students of the MA in Literary Translation, and, since 2003, also by students from the MA in Applied Translation Studies. The journal benefits from a new Editorial Team each year, bringing new ideas and approaches to the running of the journal.​

Our aim is not only to provide new insights into various aspects of translation, but also to give fellow students, academics and professionals working within Translation Studies in the UK and abroad the opportunity to publish their work.​

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