Language and Communication Studies

The dynamic collaboration between researchers in the field of Language and Communication Studies and the field of American Studies at UEA is leading new developments in Area Studies. We focus on deepening understanding of human cultures and communities, their linguistic, historical and literary transformations through our ground breaking, interdisciplinary research in intercultural communication. 

Research is organised in four thematic, inter-related, interdisciplinary groups with regional or community focus, all with core commitment to challenging conventional disciplinary thinking and expanding global perspectives:

The research undertaken and in progress displays dynamic international and national academic collaborations, strongly effective linking of research to action, to policy development and to implemented change in local, community and business spheres.

The research has demonstrated impact on civil society, cultural heritage, intercultural communication, legal contexts and public discourse, benefiting professionals (film-makers, interpreters, lawyers, police, teachers), communities facing particular intercultural challenges (native communities, immigrants), and the general public.