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What does it take to work in medicine? We prepare you to become confident, informed and adaptable, with the most advanced knowledge at your fingertips.

We offer experience. Our undergraduate students start clinical placements early in their first year, ensuring they get a solid grounding in practice. We also provide opportunities to explore further and deeper, with postgraduate programmes including Clinical Psychology and Physician Associates, and a range of intercalated degrees and professional development courses.

We offer support. We train our students in essential skills such as problem-solving and communication, and pair them with personal advisers to support them.

We offer knowledge. With over £60 million worth of ongoing research, we are expanding the world's understanding of ageing, public health, and cardiometabolic and gut health. 




Clinical Education

Studying for a Master’s in Clinical Education at UEA will set you apart as a leader and educator in your field. Designed for health and social care...

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Master of Science in Principles of Regional Anaesthesia

As a student on this course, you’ll take part in fully-online, tutor-mediated discussions, centered around realistic cases, within our VLE. This innovative...

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Physician Associate Studies

Train for a Master’s in Physician Associate Studies and you’ll be set for a career as a versatile, dynamic healthcare professional. You’ll play a vital role in...

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Doctorate in Clinical Psychology-ClinPsyD

The University of East Anglia Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programme lasts for three calendar years and leads to the qualification of Doctorate in Clinical...

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Clinical Science

Clinical Science research underpins every aspect of modern medicine. Clinical research and practice operate as quite separate entities, but it is now widely...

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Health Economics SeNSS

How can we increase effectiveness and efficiency? What is the monetary impact of smoking on the healthcare system? What value should we place on this drug or...

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Make a positive difference to people’s lives and study Medicine with us. Join the thriving student-centred learning environment of Norwich Medical School, where...

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Medicine with a Gateway Year

Make a positive difference to people’s lives and study Medicine with us. We want everyone who has the passion and potential to succeed to have the chance to...

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Norwich Medical School

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A woman wearing a plastic face shield.
28 Jul 2022

Face shields don’t give high level Covid protection, study shows

If you wore a face shield during the pandemic, it probably didn’t give you a high level of protection against Covid, according to new research from the...

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A Black man speaks to a health professional
05 Jul 2022

UEA launches project to better detect prostate cancer in Black men

Researchers at UEA are developing a new genetic blood test for prostate cancer in Black men - who are twice as likely to develop and die of the disease than...

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Cryptosporidium parvum under the microscope
30 Jun 2022

How globalisation could be making human parasites more virulent

Parasites that cause severe diarrhoea are likely to become more virulent because of the speed at which they are exchanging their DNA and evolving – according to...

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A woman holds a drawing of a human gut against her stomach.
28 Jun 2022

Maternal microbiome promotes healthy development of the baby

A mother’s gut microbes can help in the development of the placenta, and the healthy growth of the baby - according to new UEA research.

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A woman entering an MRI scanner
27 Jun 2022

Cutting-edge 4D flow MRI scans could revolutionise blood flow assessment in the heart

UEA researchers have developed cutting-edge imaging technology to help doctors better diagnose and monitor patients with heart failure.

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Cranberries held in two hands.
19 May 2022

How cranberries could improve memory and ward off dementia

Adding cranberries to your diet could help improve memory and brain function, and lower ‘bad’ cholesterol – according to new research from the University of East...

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Surgeons perform heart surgery in an operating theatre.
18 May 2022

Timing of heart surgery crucial, research shows

Valve replacement heart surgery should be performed earlier than conventionally thought for people with aortic stenosis – according to new research from the...

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World of lights with a really bright light shining from Norwich
12 May 2022

UEA’s research confirmed as ‘world-leading’ by national assessment

The global significance and real-world impact of the University of East Anglia’s (UEA’s) research has been confirmed with the Research Excellence Framework 2021...

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