Evidence Briefing: Hospital Associated Deconditioning

Deconditioning Research Group Lead Dr Sarah Hanson, along with colleagues from UEA, have published a piece of work aiming to better understand the current evidence and appropriate interventions for Hospital-Associated Deconditioning (HAD) in older people admitted to acute care.  HAD is a complex condition and attributed to hospitalisation and prolonged periods of immobility.

This evidence briefing was produced in June 2019 by Sarah Hanson, Kathleen Lane, Bridget Penhale (School of Health Sciences) and Andy Jones (Norwich Medical School), University of East Anglia. We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of Research Capability Funding from Norfolk and Waveney CCGs. The views expressed in this briefing are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Norfolk and Suffolk Primary and Community Care Research Office or of the Norfolk and Waveney CCGs.

This piece of work forms part of the current evidence base to inform the 2019-2020 research plan of the UEAHSCP’s Deconditioning research group

Read more about this piece of work here.

Downloadable resources:

Download the HADS Flyer here and the Evidence Briefing here


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Dr Sarah Hanson

Lecturer in Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia