Point of Care 3D Printing


​3D-printing has revolutionised many industrial sectors, improving productivity and creating products that were not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. The influence of 3D-printing is now increasing in the health and social care sectors, particularly acute hospital environments, and is emerging as a key enabler of personalized and cheaper treatment.

Learning from the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis, the POC_3DP group has formed in response to the growing need to build flexibility and resilience into the manufacturing and supply capabilities of the NHS and to contribute to the Greener NHS agenda.

The group aims to accurately identify high priority clinical applications of 3D printing and build our regional research and manufacturing capability in medical and pharmaceutical 3D printing at the point-of-care.

​In December 2021, Prof Sheng Qi and her team were awarded a grant from UEAHSCP's first-ever ‘Power of Collaborative Research’ Strategic Funding round. Designed to boost collaboration across local health and social care research and innovation, the scheme awarded funds to projects that will undertake joint research that benefits our region’s healthcare services. 

​The grant will go towards an innovative scheme to set up a 3D-printing service to produce surgical equipment tailored to individual needs, in one of the region’s hospitals, as well as setting up an offsite research and development 3D Printing suite. 

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​The group is composed of leading academics and clinicians and has the vision and ambition to make our region the leader of transforming 3D printing technologies into cost-effective tools to serve the NHS and service users. The group’s priorities for the upcoming 12 months are:

  • Identify clinical needs that can be addressed or assisted by 3D printing technology (including therapeutic to training and educational and beyond);

  • Attract funding and build the regional ecosystem for cutting-edge 3DP research;

  • Scope and develop pilot studies of different applications of 3D printing within the NHS setting.